Last Updated: Jun 19, 2024

Command Performance (Engine Air Filter)

The internal combustion engine in your vehicle counts on two things that mix together to be burned in the engine for power: fuel and air.  Both are important, of course.  If you run out of fuel, your engine won’t run at all.  Since there’s plenty of air around, you won’t run out of air, but you could feel your vehicle’s performance suffer if the engine air filter starts to get clogged. 

It's important that the air that enters your engine be free of dirt, dust, and debris to prevent damage to internal components.  That’s where the engine air filter comes in.  It prevents those particles from entering the engine, an important job that most people just take for granted.

After a while, your air filter will get dirty, which results in less air reaching the engine.  Modern fuel injected engines can adjust the amount of gas to mix with the air that is getting in, so your fuel economy won’t change significantly.  What will change is how well the engine performs, its acceleration.  In one test, a US Department of Energy study showed that a dirty air filter reduced a vehicle’s get-up-and-go by as much as 11 percent.  

The company that made your vehicle includes guidelines in your owner’s manual on how frequently that filter should be changed, and doing so will maintain your engine’s performance. If you drive in dusty, dirty areas or those with a lot of industrial pollution, we recommend you replace the engine air filter more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendations.  

When you bring your vehicle to us for regular maintenance, we will routinely check several components, including your engine air filter, and recommend a change when we see signs it’s needed. It’s good for your engine, and you’ll enjoy the performance you expect.

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